The main objective of our research is to understand the interaction between light and matter at the nanoscale. We are a theory-oriented research group with strong overlap with experimental groups. These are the main research lines in which we are currently working:

Parity-Time symmetric plasmonic nanostructures

  • Characterization of the optical response of Parity-Time symmetric nanosystems, which are nanostructures composed of elements with balanced gain and loss.

  • Search for extraordinary behaviors such as asymmetric absorption enabled by the complex interplay between the active and passive responses of the gain and loss elements.

  • Topological and quantum effects in nanophotonic systems

  • Characterization of the influence of the quantum nature of electrons in the optical properties of nanostructures.

  • Search for novel photonic and plasmonic responses arising from the topological properties of the nanostructures: complex arrangements and plasmonic molecules.

  • Vacuum and thermal effects in nanostructures

  • Investigation of vacuum-induced forces in nanostructures (Casimir effect), which play an important role in nanomechanical devices.

  • Characterization of the radiative heat transfer between ensembles of nanostructures. Search for ultrafast heating and cooling mechanisms.

  • Hot electron generation for photocatalysis and solar energy applications

  • Quantum modeling of the hot electron generation and the thermalization processes in plasmonic nanostructures.

  • Characterization of the electron injection process from plasmonic nanostructures to molecular or semiconductor systems.

  • We employ both analytical approaches and advanced classical and quantum theoretical tools such as: Boundary Element Method (BEM), Couple Dipole Method (CDM), and Time Dependent Density Functional Theory (TDDFT), among others.

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